Maria Georgiou

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Maria Georgiou is the author and illustrator of the children's book Bibby McGee. She is also a primary school teacher and is the Reading and Phonics Lead at Aspen Heights British School.

Maria has a passion for reading and writing children's books that teach positive messages. Maria grew up in the UK but she loves travelling and experiencing new cultures. She has lived and taught internationally for the last seven years including in Italy, Thailand and now the UAE. 

Maria currently lives in Abu Dhabi with her husband Chris. 

Bibby McGee
Bibby McGee Book cover

Bibby McGee is a children's picture book aimed at children ages 3 -7 but the message is applicable to any age. Bibby McGee teaches children about positive self image and acceptance. Bibby McGee can be purchased from

Bibby McGee does not look ordinary. But he is proud of himself just as he is. Join Bibby McGee in this fun rhyming story as he tries to convince all those around him that it’s what is inside that’s important!